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*sigh* - Ice Cream Assassin

Mar. 30th, 2010

04:23 pm - *sigh*

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Old cars are expensive.

-found a reliable repair shop in a new city
-employees are friendly and explanatory and don't act like I know nothing about my car
-they looked at all my records to make sure they didn't recommend maintenance that has been done
-the main relay has been replaced, meaning my car should no longer have trouble starting when the engine is warm

-my brakes need to be replaced (cost to fix: $652)
-2 tires need to be replaced (cost: $150-$300 depending on quality of new tires)
-a bunch of hoses that keep the engine from overheating are brittle and could easily pop off while I'm driving (cost to replace coolant and bypass hoses: $474)
-preventative maintenance costing another $500ish ought to be done. There are lots of little oil leaks.
-I am earning approximately $700 per month except when I have GRE classes to teach, which adds $480 per class

And they said the car's actually in pretty good shape for its age and mileage.
Sigh... poor Annie...